… people need to know that they somehow impacted your life. it’s easy for people to see the negative, the sadness, the loneliness. but what they often miss is the fact that just their existence has been a positive in someone’s life.

did a fellow student once provide encouragement to you, helping you get through a difficult time? did a cute girl once smile at you during one of your darkest times and give you a glimmer of hope? did someone you didn’t even know hold a door open when you had your arms filled to the brim?  sometimes, just the smallest thing may be the big thing that turns another’s day around.

and remember this, sometimes those around you who appear to be the most cheery, the most in control, the most ‘together’ people you know, may just be the people who need you to be extra-kind and thoughtful. appearances are often deceiving. so strive for kindness and you may just make someone’s day. or week. or life. even the little things can have a huge impact.

be kind.

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the art of learning to relax (aka what the heck do i do now?)

it’s the first day that i’m not expected somewhere in many, many months. i am still burnt to a crisp from the whiplash that was one event, and ramping up for another, albeit less stressful one, but one nonetheless. however, today, i have nowhere to go. nothing to do. except perhaps try to relax.

relaxation, to me, is an enigma. i don’t know how to just ‘let my guard down’. i always need to be doing something. going somewhere. working towards something. there is always a list, and until everything’s crossed off of it, there is no rest for the weary.

however, for the first time in years, i have abstained from list writing this week. that’s right. no list. zilch. zip. nada. the list does not exist.

and what do you think i feel with no list pressing against my hand, my brain, my psyche?

i feel lost.  utterly lost. like a woman with no direction. no focus. no reason for living.

lost without a list.

well, now, how pathetic does that sound?

looking on the bright side, maybe i’ll go rent a movie. or take a walk in the drizzly rain of the city. or learn more about my ipad. or bake up some fresh cookies.

don’t look now, but even without the bulleted checkboxes, i think i may have just spotted a glimpse of a list. but shhhhh…. don’t tell…

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goldiehound wishing you all a wonderful valentine’s day!

goldiehound wishing you all a wonderful valentine’s day!

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an interesting observation

when i was single and unattached, valentine’s day was this huge flesh-eating monster with a shadow the size of a small country. it was with me like a dark, damp cloak, enveloping all my thoughts for days on end until, with a deep sigh, i could feel it lift on the morning of february 15th. endless questioning of where are you going? what are you getting? gnawed at me like a moth on wool.

and then something interesting happened. i met the love of my life. i got married.

suddenly, valentine’s day became another day of many. yes, we say happy v-day. we sometimes exchange cards and gifts. we often go out to dinner, but usually it’s just a late lunch, and it’s often to very casual spots with food we enjoy instead of romantic, fancy restaurants.

talking with friends who are still single, i see that the day impacts them much the same way it did me in my single days. with loathing. terror. illness. sadness. much loneliness.

thanks to the miracle that is owen, i no longer feel that. nor do i give much weight to valentine’s day, which is really a consumer-fueled holiday just to stoke low post-christmas sales. (i know, where is my romantic spirit? well, not in consumerism, that’s for darn sure!)

thanks to the miracle that is owen, my life is filled with valentine’s days. 365 days of them. each and every year.

and to all my single friends, it doesn’t have to feel this way. it’s about all kinds of love, not just the married, relationship sort of love. it’s about the love we all feel for one another. so hang in there. it’s almost february 15th.

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hey, john…

if i was king of the grammys, you’d get all of them. great looking white jacket, btw.

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i know that rak = random acts of kindness.

i’ve decided to change my version to rack.

rack = random acts of cookie kindness.

as soon as i get my hours back to sane, i’ll be baking on a more regular basis. thereby, being able to provide many more racks then i’ve been able to lately. which frustrates me. just a little.

alright, maybe more than a little.

that is all.

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Two of my favorite people…
Back before she was studying at Cornell… Laura and Uncle Owen at Disneyworld!

Two of my favorite people…

Back before she was studying at Cornell… Laura and Uncle Owen at Disneyworld!

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i can dream, can’t i?

a dear friend just posted on facebook about their recent well-deserved, long-overdue spa vacation - just 7 days of sun, massages, facials, mani-pedis, peace and quiet. ahhhhhhhh… just reading her words made me long for a vacation that didn’t involve lugging half our lives across the country to the bronx.

don’t get me wrong. we love my family. we love visits. we love spending all-too-little time together with them. and i treasure each day that they are on this earth.

that being said, i could really use a real, honest-to-mergatroyd vacation (thank you snagglepuss for that reference - and if you know what i’m talking about, you are dating yourself…)

you know, one of those vacations that you can slip away, go someplace where no one knows you except your traveling companion, have no schedule, no obligations, no worries. at least for those few vacation days, that is.

i crave the relaxation, the no-set-time-for-dinner, the ability to have a few drinks and not worry about driving, the soaking-up of rich, drenching sunshine. ahhhhhhhhh. just the thought of it makes me a little woozy.  and woozy is a good thing.

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cloudy with a chance of… who knows?

19 days and counting ‘til my next event happens. even better, 20 days ‘til it’s over.

what have i re-learned during this year’s experience, you may ask?

1. be kind to each other. is it really necessary to be mean? what does it prove? it only hurts others and yourself, and yes, being mean makes you look small. really small. and when i say ‘you’, i don’t mean me. i really mean you.

2. no matter how hard you work or how many overtime hours you log, at the end of the day, you’re the hired help and it’s someone else’s party. let them have credit for everything from the color of the toothpicks to the sound level of the piano to that exceptional lobby display. except of course for anything that goes wrong. that’s definitely you, all you.

3. it is impossible to keep everyone happy. of course, since your job is to keep everyone happy, you’ll keep trying and keep failing. deal with it.

4. just face the fact that there will be no uninterrupted sleep during the last three weeks prior to your event. keep that notebook handy for all-night scribbling. and for those few precious moments when you actually do get a little shut-eye, don’t worry, the hound will wake you for middle-of-the-night potty breaks. it’s a fact. heck, you don’t need sleep anyway, you’re superwoman.

5. keep smiling. seriously, it makes the people around you think all is okay, which, of course it is.

6. remember the worst days of the event planning are the download stage. you know, the downloading of all that info from your brain and uploading it to all those around you. it’s a serious form of mental whiplash. just know that when it’s over, you’ll feel better. honest.

7. remember, you really do know your shit, and you’re really good at this event planning stuff. don’t let anyone make you question that, especially when you’re in your most tired state. which is now.

look at it this way, at least event planning doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night to bail out drunk actors from foreign jails or run through airports tailing behind the star and his 80 pieces of luggage and 6 cats. ah, but that’s a story for another day.

19 days and counting…

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ringing phones and election season…

i am so tired with our home phone ringing at all hours of the day and night, only to have a hang-up when our machine picks up… or that dreaded automated political advertisement. i know it’s election season, people, but please, please, i beg of you, take our number off your lists. i’ve tried the ‘do not call’ list, but it all goes back to my husband and his union affiliation. supposedly, that means we are waiting with baited breath for these guys to call us so we can hear their words of wisdom. um, no. just leave us alone, ok?

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